Book Review: How to Win at the Sport of Business


July 15, 2013 by Will Ray

Nancy and I absolutely love the show Shark Tank.  We started watching a few seasons ago and continue to enjoy it together.  I’ve started following some of the sharks on Twitter and enjoyed learning about them individually.  So when I saw Mark Cuban’s book, How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It, go up on iBooks last year, I didn’t hesitate to pick it up.

CubanClaiming the “I’m not old enough to write a book” excuse, How to Win is actually a collection of Cuban’s favorite blog posts that he’s written, optimized or modified for use in a larger book.  I didn’t realize he kept a blog until I read this, but you can check it out here.  This style makes the book perhaps a little disjointed, as there’s no real unifying theme, other than “Mark Cuban’s business and leadership advice.”  I saw it go up for just $2.99 for the eBook edition!  It’s still just $2.99.  I read it last month, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On the flip side, the blog-style writing makes for fast and easy reading.  Most chapters are just a few pages long, so consuming one or two of them in a sitting is nothing.

The advice of a relatively young billionaire entrepreneur is well worth the time investment to read this.  To get into the mind of a brilliant businessman like this is invaluable.

I appreciated a couple of things about this book specifically.  One of his themes was sticking to your “core business” like playing to your strengths and focusing on what you do best.  Love that.  “You do not have unlimited time and/or attention.  You may work 24 hours a day, but those 24 hours spent winning your core business will pay off far more… get the fundamentals right and then add to your base skills before you try to take on the trick shots.”

Also, I personally loved his stance on debt.  I have no idea about how much debt he carries personally or in his business, but here are a few quotes:

“The greatest obstacle to destiny is debt, both personal and financial.”

“I’m also a big believer that financial debt is the ultimate dream killer.  Your first house, car, whatever you might want to buy is going to be the primary reason you stop looking for what makes you the happiest.”

Great stuff.  If you have an e-reader, pick this up instead of Starbucks today.  You can also get it in paperback for $8.99

Question: Who is your favorite Shark on Shark Tank?


One thought on “Book Review: How to Win at the Sport of Business

  1. John says:

    My favorite shark is probably Mr Wonderful aka Kevin O’Leary. I appreciate that he marshals the others and the entrepreneurs when things start getting off track. I don’t, however, care for his viewpoint that a strong brand isn’t a proprietary quality.

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