Happy Anniversary, My Dear


June 22, 2013 by Will Ray

My how time flies.


It seems like just yesterday, and yet a lifetime ago, that we, Nancy Elizabeth Miller and William Robert Ray stood underneath a white tent on the beautiful grounds of Fearrington Village, and we swore our lives solely to one another, before God.


Being in the wedding industry gives an amazing perspective for all the things you can do at a wedding.  As I looked back at our pictures, I was struck by how many thing we may have done differently if we planned a wedding today.  We were pretty young when we got married – 22 and 21.  Being in and around the wedding industry now for 5 years, you learn a lot.

Trying to hold it all together after the processional.

Trying to hold it all together after the processional.

However, one thing I would never want to change was the spirit of our wedding.  That seems like a really intangible, subjective thing, but nearly everyone we talk to describes the spirit of our ceremony as being so incredibly memorable.  It was like God was in it, and smiling over it, all at once.  I think one of the reasons for that was that we had my brother and sister play worship music together right before the ceremony began, inviting and welcoming God right into the midst of it.  I still remember standing just outside the ceremony spot as they sang over the crowd in worship.


That day changed my life for ever, and I could probably talk/write about it for a long time.  I went through our wedding pictures, done by the amazing Walters & Walters, and picked out a few of my many favorites to share with you.

This is the picture I have on my desk at work.  Amazing.

This is the picture I have on my desk at work.  Amazing.  Our grandchildren will have this photo.


Um, yea, still wondering how a joker like me landed this girl. Wow.

Right after our ceremony.  Love this.

Right after our ceremony. Love this.

Nancy smashing the cake in my face.  My matrix move to avoid it was unsuccessful.

Nancy smashing the cake in my face. My matrix move to avoid it was unsuccessful.  Please note how sweetly I was feeding her the cake, lol.

Nancy is undoubtedly the greatest gift I’ve ever received, aside from my salvation.  Marriage has tested and changed me already in a deeper way than I ever thought possible, and I’m struck by what an incredibly different person I am because of the Lord’s work in my life, through her.

Marriage can be hard work sometimes, but it is so worth it.  It’s worth any frustration you may feel, any forgiveness that’s needed.  It’s worth fighting for.  It’s worth defending.  It’s worth the self-sacrifice that’s necessary to make it work.

Thrilled to get away for a bit this weekend, back to Fearrington for a short time, before we celebrate in a big way later this year, when we have a little more time to get away.

Thank you for the most amazing 5 years, Wife.  I love you.  Happy Anniversary. 


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, My Dear

  1. Brant Spesshardt says:

    Happy Anniversary Will and Nancy. My wife and just celebrated 10 years yesterday. Brant

  2. Beautiful. Congratulations on 5 years!

  3. zachandclem says:

    This really is beautiful. I hope to achieve the same kind of complicity with my own fiance, soon to be husband. You are an example!

  4. Diana says:

    What beautiful pictures. Congratulations to both of you.

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