Book Review: The Go-Getter


June 6, 2013 by Will Ray

I LOVE little, powerful books that give you a boost in your spirit and motivate you towards awesome-ness.

Go-GetterThe Go-Getter just happens to be one of those books.

It’s short – very short.  I read it in maybe two brief sittings.  It’s written as a short story, with some excellent principles embedded in it.

Perseverance, tenacity, motivation, integrity – the message of The Go-Getter resounds with these principles, as you follow the story of William E. Peck, a wounded WWII veteran doing all he can to earn a position with Cappy Ricks and Ricks Lumber & Logging Company after the war.  He’s put through a series of difficult tests to earn his spot, and with tenacity and perseverance, he completes them in the face of incredible odds.

The cool thing is that the text of the book is now in the public domain – get it free on Kindle here.  You can also get a basic paperback.  The picture above is the one that I read, printed by Dave Ramsey’s organization with a great intro in the front and review of some of the principles in the back.  You can also pick that one up.

This is a great book to have to inspire yourself, call team members up to the next level, and just to have around to remind us of the value of perseverance and tenacity – we don’t have enough of it around here.

Do yourself a favor and spend an hour reading The Go-Getter.




One thought on “Book Review: The Go-Getter

  1. Cecil Burt says:

    Just downloaded it on my iPad. Looking forward to reading it this weekend

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