May Goals (a week late!)

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May 9, 2013 by Will Ray

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Better late than never.

Forreals y’all, I need to do better about my goals and do it like I do my budget – every month, on paper, on purpose before the month begins.  That way I hit the month running on those goals and can make progress from day 1, not day 7 or 8.

Furthermore, it’s an important thing to do a review process to keep you on track for your goals.  I’m preaching to myself here – I need to do this more than anyone, probably.  Last month was a prime example of how I didn’t review my goals, and didn’t have much success on some of the ones I wanted to accomplish – life got in the way.  I felt like the last several weeks life has been happening to me instead of me happening to life.  I felt like I haven’t been living intentionally.  That’s got to change.

For monthly goals, a quick weekly review will keep them at top of mind and focused on them.  For annual goals, a brief monthly review with a longer quarterly review should do the trick.

I’m reading Philippians now, and want to finish the Gospel of Mark this month.  Always a good reminder – if we don’t know Jesus, our goals don’t matter.

Phil. 3:8


Here’s what I’ve got to do this month:

– FINISH OUR WILLS (yelling at myself about this one)
– Do at least 1 hermeneutics lecture each week
– Complete registrations for our big summer event – camp
– Design a new coaching document to supplement current materials
– Finish reading Philippians; read Mark
– Get two new coaching clients
– Celebrate our Graduating Seniors at church

What’s your big, #1 goal this month?  


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