March Goals!

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March 1, 2013 by Will Ray

Wow!  We are 1/6th of the way through the year already!

Hope you’re staying on track with any New Years Goals you made (not resolutions – those have already been abandoned on the side of the road).

I didn’t complete as many of my goals last month as I would have liked, as a few things came up.  But I still was able to read two books, Up From the Projects by Walter E. Williams and American Sniper by the late Chris Kyle.  Both are great books.  The online Hermeneutics course is on hold until next week.  My time has been devoted to preparing to preach this Sunday. (Would love for you to join us at Celebration Church at 9 or 11, if you’re not busy.)  I did have a great time at Counselor Training in Nashville, as you may have seen.

March is going to be a great month, as we get ready for the start of wedding season.  Looking forward to some warm(er) weather!  Here’s my goals for this month:

– Shoot the first wedding of the year with Nancy
– Begin financial coaching with three couples
– Kick off and lead our fourth FPU class – Join us!
– Help my mom get into a new one (holdover from last month)
– Complete our Wills (still lingering – not for long…)
– Finish 
Good to Great (incredible book)
– Finish planning for all Nicaragua trip fundraisers and pre-trip events
– Complete 3 weeks of work in the online Hermeneutics course

Gonna be a great month!

Question?  What’s the one thing you HAVE to accomplish this month?


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