Dave Ramsey Counselor Training

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February 12, 2013 by Will Ray

I’ve been away from the blog for a number of days now, primarily because I was attending Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training in Nashville!

Counselor Training1

This was an awesome opportunity, that happened to work out just perfectly (reduced price, open schedule, family availability, great flights, and permission from the church).  I was thinking back to when I found out about counselor training.

Counselor Training3

It was probably early 2009.  I was still working as an assistant manager at Walgreens.  Nancy and I had been living out the Baby Steps for a while, and while we didn’t have any ability to lead FPU, I wanted to continue to learn.  I was staying up really late one night to prepare to go back on night shift the next day, just killing time at about 3-4am.  I found the Counselor Training option on Dave Ramsey’s site, and submitted an application then and there!

It never worked out for me to go, obviously, until now.  Nancy was able to go and help take care of our triplet nephews (long week for her) while I was in training for a good 10-11 hours  each day (long week for me).  It was a great experience overall.

The lead counselor on Dave Ramsey’s team is Russ Carroll, Dave’s first team member.  He did a large portion of the training, including important sections on the counseling process and dealing with bankruptcies.

Counselor Training2Chris Hogan was another instructor.  He has a “James Earl Jones” voice and when he speaks, you listen!  He was an amazing instructor, with years of experience in the banking and mortgage industry, which proved valuable when talking about how to deal with collectors, mortgage, and foreclosure situations.

Counselor Training4Our other instructor was Lisa Barber, who’s been coaching with Dave Ramsey since 2001.  She has counseled thousands of people in that time and was a wealth of knowledge during the training.

Counselor Training5

I was thrilled for the opportunity to go to Counselor Training, and I’m excited to be able to use it at church and in the community to help people get control of their finances and WIN with money!  I’ll be sharing more of the things I learned as part of my continued focus on finances in the future.


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