My Favorite Youth Ministry Resources

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December 11, 2012 by Will Ray

In whatever you do, it’s invaluable to be connected in one way or another to others doing the same thing.  Business lunch groups or traditional networking are good ways to connect locally, but the axiom “you can find anything on the internet” is especially true for this as well.

Many industry leaders have sites where users and followers can connect with them and each other.  They can about whatever the subject may be.  (This is part of what makes them industry leaders, but that’s another topic.)

For me, there are some youth ministry resources that have been gold mines of ideas, tips, and time-saving help.  Check them out or share with someone you know that works with students.

(in no particular order, except for the first one)

– – Josh Griffin (High School Pastor at Saddleback Church) is the main writer on this blog and it has been my #1 resource for creative inspiration, ideas, and guidance on some tougher issues facing youth ministers

– – Doug Fields is one of the first youth ministry writers I read and learned from, and his vast experience and insight is communicated here (on all sorts of topics, not just youth ministry).

Simply Youth Ministry (SYM) – A veritable gold mine of digital and print resources, helpful articles, and some of the most innovative youth ministry solutions out there.

Youth Specialties – Similar to SYM, with tons of great resources and helpful articles.  They put on some great events too!

Gameshow Blog (and the Digital Stache) – Fun little resource I’ve run across lately that has lots of good ideas for digital-driven crowd games.  They even offer some free slides to run some of the games.

Share these with a new youth worker you know.  They’ll be better at what they do because of it!

Question: What’s your favorite youth ministry resource?


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