It’s Cyber Monday – Are You Still Thankful?

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November 26, 2012 by Will Ray

Today is Cyber Monday, traditionally the biggest online shopping day of the year.  Millions, maybe billions of dollars will be spent online today with people buying gifts for others – and themselves.

Someone made a very poignant point on social media the other day (if I could find the post I would give credit).  They said, “Only in America can we celebrate how thankful we are for what we have one day (Thanksgiving), and then fight with each other to get more stuff on the next (Black Friday).”

It made me chuckle, but how true is it?  You read these reports of people who got into fistfights – FISTFIGHTS – over some stupid, not-that-great Black Friday sale.  It’s great that you had a pretense of thankfulness for an hour over lunch or dinner with your family, but where’s that at now?

Gratitude isn’t something that you just think about for a day each year, then go on about the business of getting as much stuff as you can.  Gratitude should be a lifestyle.  Thankfulness goes best as a daily remembrance of what you have and how you got it, even if you got it (seemingly) by the work of your own hands.

I don’t have a problem with you getting more stuff.  I found some sweet deals online this weekend, and I may buy some stuff today.  I just don’t want us to let go of this idea of gratitude and thankfulness so easily.  Gratitude opens up so much for us, and does so much for our character and spirit, that we need to hang onto it all year long.  Not just at the end of November.

Enjoy getting some deals.  I will too.  But let’s not set aside our remembrance and gratitude so quickly.  Let it be something you live.

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