22 Things I’m Thankful For

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November 22, 2012 by Will Ray

Happy Thanksgiving!

Growing up, my mom always made us make a “Thankfulness List,” while riding in the car to our Thanksgiving destination (despite our ardent whines and protests).  With a more mature perspective I’m actually thankful she made us do that.

So with that said, here are 22 things I’m thankful for (since this Thanksgiving is on the 22nd).

1) Nancy Ray – She is such a gem, y’all.

2) This guy (Winston)

3) Jesus – Let’s face it, I could write a whole post about this one.

4) My Bible – I love God’s Word, and I love my Bible specifically, given to me by Nancy on my graduation from NC State.

5) My Family – Crazy bunch, and I love them.

6) Great new friendships that have grown and developed this year

7) My chance to serve at Celebration Church

8) The freedom and liberty that we have left, especially freedom of religion

9) This country in which we live

10) God’s incredible provision in our lives

11) Our home

12) A healthy mind with which I can read, write, speak, learn, and grow

13) A healthy body with which I can work and play

14) These kiddos (representing all of our 7 nieces and nephews)

15) The leadership team that serves our students alongside me at Church

16) Our Pastors

17) The internet and technology – believe it or not, so I can do this and interact with people no matter where they are

18) Some awesome new blogs and resources that I’ve found this year (Michael Hyatt, Art of Manliness, More than Dodgeball)

19) Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University – LOL, but seriously.  I don’t know where we’d be financially if we didn’t have these principles; but because we do, we’re winning.

20) The students that I get to serve at Celebration Church – pretty incredible group

21) The awesome opportunities Nancy and I get through Nancy Ray Photography to meet awesome people and capture memories of incredible weddings all over the southeast

22) REST! – which we’re going to get a lot of this weekend (we hope!)

Question – What are you thankful for today?


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