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November 5, 2012 by Will Ray

I just recently finished Platform by Michael Hyatt.

Michael Hyatt is a great blogger and author, whose blog focuses primarily on “Intentional Leadership.”  Nancy gave me this book as I myself began to blog this summer.

I love the tagline: “Get Noticed in a Noisy World.”

If you’ve got something to say or sell, this book is a great, great read.  I love Michael Hyatt’s blog.  Just like it is helpful for leadership and life issues, this book is an awesome resource for people who want to start, build and grow an online platform.  And he knows what he’s talking about.  Hyatt (mostly organically) grew his blog from next to nothing to several hundred thousand visitors each month!

Many, many authors with great ideas and great book proposals get turned down by publishers for lack of a platform – a built-in way to distribute those ideas and get the word out about the book.  Many great products don’t really have the impact they could because they don’t have a way to reach their audience.

Platform seeks to address that and give you the tools you need to make sure your voice is heard.  No matter what your level of experience you have online, this book has enough detailed instructions to help you get started and plenty of great ideas to help you grow.

I particularly enjoyed the way the book was written, in a blog-like format.  The chapters were all short – five or six pages at the most.  The majority were four pages or less.  Nearly all had numbered lists.  Just like a blog should be, this format helped the book “read fast.”  It was easy to sit down and pound out three chapters (or more) in a sitting.

If you’ve read it, you know I don’t have all of the stuff he suggests down pat.  We’re working on it.  It’s a crowded world out there, but if you’ve got something to say, Platform is a great resource to help you get started or expand your influence.  What are you waiting for?  Get started today.


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