September Goals


September 1, 2012 by Will Ray

Well… that was a bust.

Looking over my list of goals for last month, I nearly stamped it “EPIC FAIL.”  Nearly.

But then I remembered that last month was really the first month that I set goals for myself.  I’ve had “goals” before – if by “goals” we mean things that I want to do in the near or distant future, or things that I might want to do within a year’s time.  But I’ve never made a habit of setting and achieving goals before on a regular basis.

This last month was my first month of trying this.  And while it’s rare to try something hard and succeed on the first attempt, it’s preferable to not trying at all.

That’s the thing about goals.  If you don’t achieve them, you still almost always end up much closer to where you want to be than if you didn’t set them at all.

With that said, when revisiting my August goals, I felt better about them. Here’s how August panned out:

– Blog three times a week – not quite.  Did it for a couple weeks, but couldn’t keep it up, as you may have seen!
– Crush Bonhoeffer and get halfway through John Adams – Check and almost check; I’m about a third of the way through John Adams
– Finish planning our September vacation to New England – CHECK! 
– Finish reading Mere Christianity – Three-quarter check.
– Run/exercise twice a week. – Nope. Once a week; maybe should have started there.
– Plan the youth event and curriculum calendar through the end of the year – Got things planned into October. With a new responsibility area and our biggest event of the year coming up, that occupied most of my time. 

September Goals

 Blog three times a week
– Pull off our biggest event of the year for youth: the Lock-In! (and survive)
– Finish 
John Adams by the time we get to Boston
– Finish reading
 Mere Christianity and Platform
– Go to New England to celebrate with friends who are getting married
– Exercise at least once a week
– Find a time to play golf
– Get up by 6:30am every work day – Sundays included

So, what are your goals for this month? Post a link in the comments!

2 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. smlhughes says:

    So NOT an ‘epic fail!’ There’s nothing on there that you didn’t at least accomplish part of it. I’m impressed. And like you said, it’s much better to be moving towards the goals you have set than not setting any at all.

    • Will Ray says:

      Thanks Stef! Yeah I felt much better about it after I got some perspective. Upon first glance I wasn’t able to actually fully check anything off, so that was my initial reaction. Thanks!!

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