Apps for any situation


August 3, 2012 by Will Ray

There’s a reason people joke about your iPhone “cleaning your house for you” or “making you a sandwich” and literally doing everything for you.  That reason being, it’s almost true.

I have 140 apps (applications, or small software programs) as of this writing on my iPhone 4.  You may, like my sweet wife, feel like that is a bit excessive, and that’s fine.  I just know I’ll be prepared for most situations where an electronic option is viable.

– Need to look up traffic on your route, or want to pitch in and warn others about it?  Waze
– Want walki-talkie-like instant connection with another person?  Voxer
– Find yourself in a scholarly debate about the Constitution?  Constitution App
– Wondering what song that is playing?  Shazam or SoundHound
– Need to entertain a 4-year old?  Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, or Temple Run
 Need to look up a verse reference or need to do a daily reading on the go?  YouVersion
– Need an exercise tracker w/ GPS capability?  Nike+ Running
– Looking for good restaurant recommendations in a new city?  TripAdvisor
– Want to pull up a file on the go that you were working on your computer earlier?  Dropbox
Looking for the best deal on that item in the store?  Amazon Price Check
– Need to check into your SouthWest flight?  SouthWest App
– Suddenly find yourself in charge of spinning off some sweet tracks at a party?  djay

Need I go on?  Ok, maybe the last one is a little less likely, especially for someone like me, but I couldn’t pass it up when it went on sale for 99 cents.

Humor is best when it contains an element of truth.  And the element of truth about the iPhone (and the app world in general) is that it’s starting to do almost anything for you.  The rise of smartphones has opened up nearly endless possibilities for what a small electronic device can do for you.

I might be a little app crazy.  But I’m pretty sure I’ll have the “app for that” when the situation arises – whatever that may be.

Question: How many apps do you have on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android? (Settings -> General -> About on iOS device).  What’s the most unique/unusual app, and what’s your favorite one right now?



6 thoughts on “Apps for any situation

  1. John says:

    Evernote and now, EverClip are the best apps for me. Maps and TeleNav (I have an iPhone for now). And, mail, either GMail, or the resident application mail.

  2. MT says:

    Right now, I’m really feeling DrawFree and PicStitch. Got a pretty cool gam going with a friend. And PicStitch allows me some pretty sweet instagram shots. For unique or unusual, I’ve got Trulia, a SWEET real estate app, that looks for properties using GPS, so you can zoom in or out to pinpoint exactly where you wanna consider.

  3. John says:

    You have me way outdone in the app count; I’m at 49, and Emily thinks that’s too many. I find myself using the Weather Underground app all the time. A unique app I use when I travel is White Noise for when I have to sleep somewhere without my fan. For hiking, I use All Trails and Peak Finder, which identifies the peaks visible from any location. Dragon Go! is probably the newest app that I use regularly now.

  4. Josh Lattier says:

    I absolutely agree with you Will! I currently have 144 apps (and I just deleted a bunch last week!). I think my wife has about 10, and most of those I downloaded for her! My favorite app that I’m playing with right now is Time Lapse HD. It creates time lapse videos and actually works remarkably well! I left it running for 13hrs last week while doing a sculpted pug cake, and it took something like 8 or 9,000 shots, then put them into a 7 minute time lapse video that you can upload online or add music to, right in the app. Really cool for a buck! Another fun one is Heart Rate Monitor. It is a little touchy, but it will actually measure your heart rate by placing the tip of your index finger over the camera lens of the phone. It’s actually pretty accurate once it locks on to your pulse!

  5. […] the same time, you know I’m an app junkie.  I love downloading apps and trying them out (if they’re free), whether or not I currently […]

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