August Goals and The Struggle with Goal-Setting


August 2, 2012 by Will Ray

Better late than never, right?  In the spirit of Nancy Ray’s amazing goal setting skills, I’m going to post my goals for the month at the beginning of that month (hopefully the first day of the month, but you can see that didn’t work for August).

This is going to be more of a discipline and accountability for me than anything, because believe it or not, goal setting does not come easily for me.  I can fairly easily break projects down into tasks and to-dos, but I’ve never gotten into the habit of goal setting.  But, just like brushing your teeth and daily Bible reading, it’s something that improves and enhances your life.

When we were young we struggled to get ahold of basic habits and disciplines like cleaning our room, brushing our teeth, and bathing regularly (believe me, I know – I work with middle school boys.)  These other disciplines of daily devotions, prayer, goal-setting, self-improvement, getting up early, setting boundaries, etc. are all more complex disciplines that people can struggle with establishing well into adulthood, but are no less important for our well-being in the long run.

With that said, here is my first public set of goals, my goals for the month of August:

– Blog three times a week
– Crush
Bonhoeffer and get halfway through John Adams
– Finish planning our September vacation to New England
– Finish reading 
Mere Christianity
– Run/exercise twice a week.
– Plan the youth event and curriculum calendar through the end of the year (WOW!)

There.  Now I’m gonna go do them!

Question:  What are your goals for this month?

One thought on “August Goals and The Struggle with Goal-Setting

  1. Emily says:

    LOVE Mere Christianity. The way C.S. Lewis breaks down and illustrates answers to complex (and common) questions is beyond brilliant.

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