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July 16, 2012 by Will Ray

Money, money, money! (c’mon, you just heard it in your head, didn’t you?)

I’ve described the other two major categories that will be a focus of this blog, which go together pretty logically for a full-time youth ministries director.  But money?  I feel like you might feel like you’re in an IQ test – “Which of these things is not like the others?”

There’s several reasons I’m including this as a major category:

1)  Money and finance has been a big theme for me since I got engaged, started to get responsible, and learned about Dave Ramsey and his principles.  Not gonna quite say Dave Ramsey saved our marriage, but he sure saved us a lot of trouble and heartache.

2)  I think that money – and how we handle it – is something that permeates our entire lives.  Want to live life, to the fullest?  It costs money.  Want to help overseas missions?  It costs money.  Want to give your children a rich, comfortable life?  It costs money.  Some people don’t work in ministry they feel called to because they’re not in a position financially to be able.  Our stresses and emotions can rise or fall on the health of our financial lives.  How we handle money affects nearly every other aspect of our lives

3)  A large percentage of at least two generations (my parents and my generation) have little idea how to properly handle money, and they’re screwing up their lives.  Some have already.  Check out any of the readily-available statistics of debt levels, student loans, and personal debt, and look at what has happened in the economy the last 4-5 years because of our culture’s obsession with stuff and debt.

This category ties in very closely with what I wrote previously about being properly equipped to handle all that life throws at us.  So with this category I’ll discuss ideas about money, handling money, our experience with it, and also a few business concepts.

Question: What’s something you’ve always wanted to know or understand out about money?  I’ll write posts with all the best questions!  Leave a comment below.

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